"Vocational school students towards the adult world: challenges of the labor market and opportunities to support professional activity of young people."
Country-specific case studies showing the framework conditions for young people taking part in the vocational training path. Good practices, limitations and dangers are shown, especially in the context of integrating entrepreneurship issues in the training activities of entities involved in vocational training. Description of determinants of young people's professional choices, in particular making attempts to run a business (individual-personality, situational, economic, cultural, family-traditional, etc.).

General report

Program „Entrepreneurship program for vocational school students”

Modular cycle of trainings (48h) for vocational school students together with scenarios of classes, workshops, role and task patterns in the field, educational games. The program has been verified and tested as part of the project during joint meetings / activities with young people.

Materials for the training program:

Framework training program

Training attachments

Training attachments:

„Coaching model for young people choosing the path of vocational education”

A developed model coaching support program for young people choosing the path of vocational education. Professional support in discovering life passions and interests, formulating goals and pursuing them, discovering individual development paths.

Coaching materials:

Coaching Model

Exercises for coching sessions