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EDU Research Polska sp.z o.o. has been operating since 2012. The main area of ​​activity are analytical and research, development and consulting services. He also specializes in broadly understood activities as well as implementation and development works. We implement and help implement projects in the field of social activities, related to, among others with the professionalization of social services and the provision of modern, high-quality solutions in this area. For many years, we also offer coaching, consulting and supervision services for various audiences. An important element of the company's operations are analyzes of the functioning of schools in the socio-economic environment, including in particular the establishment of schools in local, regional and transnational cooperation networks. Of particular interest is the issues of professional development and acquisition of professional qualifications in connection with educational processes in school and non-school forms, the effectiveness of educational processes and vocational training.

As part of ongoing projects, EDU has also developed activities in the field of vocational guidance and counseling addressed to various age groups - youth and adults, as well as conducting vocational training and supporting professional development - also the so-called soft trainings developing personal and interpersonal skills.

EDU is involved in the development of the concept of social and family coaching and its use in helping people in difficult life situations and job seekers. The concepts were developed in transnational cooperation and using inter-sectoral partnerships (universities, non-governmental aid institutions) and the experience of the German partner in this field.

IFN Internationales Privatinstitut für Forschung und Netzwerkarbeit in Bildung, Beratung und Management in soziokulturellen Bereichen GmbH

IFN Internationales Privatinstitut für Forschung und Netzwerkarbeit in Bildung, Beratung und Management in soziokulturellen Bereichen GmbH is a thriving German institution that has experience in conducting social research, especially in the field of education, as well as in the broadly understood socio-cultural sphere. The second branch of IFN's activity is the organization of training in education, consulting and management in the socio-cultural area. IFN is very actively involved in European projects targeted at young people, which are aimed at improving the mobility, personal and professional development of young people and building a network of contacts between young people from Poland and Germany. He coordinates cooperation between vocational schools and employers where students undergo practical training.

ASOC Associazione Silenziosi Operai della Croce

Associazione Silenziosi Operai della Croce is a large network organization incorporated into international structures (Italy, Portugal, Poland, Colombia, Cameroon, USA, Hungary). The organization, operating in various sectors of social and development services, has its own spirituality, specific goals and methodology, visible on three levels of impact: individual, team / group and ecclesial. The central principle of interaction is a concept based on resources and a salutogenetic model, while emphasizing the individual as a personal entity supported by the principle of empowerment.

ASO runs a number of assistance and rehabilitation centers (centers) in various Italian cities. Has its own international publishing house "Edizioni CVS" and 2 magazines: L'Ancora and L'Ancora nell'Unità di Salute (hope and hope for unity in health). He cooperates with universities, including with the Catholic University of Sacro Cuore in Rome, as part of its own training center in Moncrivello. An important direction of practical and educational activities remains the issues of professional development, professional matching of their conditions and methods of support, including aspects of spirituality and religiosity.

Since 2002, the Association has been approved as an ECM education provider from the Ministry of Health and with certification in a training center that has introduced a quality management system in the design of accredited training and professional development.