Erasmus + is the European Union's program in the field of education, training, youth and sport for 2014-2020. Its total budget is EUR 14.7 billion. Erasmus + is based on the achievements of European educational programs that have operated for 25 years, and is the result of the combination of the following European initiatives implemented by the European Commission in 2007-2013: the Lifelong Learning Program, the Youth in Action Program, Erasmus Mundus , Tempus, Alfa, Edulink, and cooperation programs with industrialized countries in the field of higher education.

As part of the Erasmus + program: Cooperation for innovation and exchange of good practices, Strategic partnerships, we implement our project "Development of key competences in vocational education and training" implemented in partnership with institutions working for the vocational education and personal and professional development of young people from Italy Associazione Silenziosi Operai della Croce and German- IFN Internationales Privatinstitut für Forschung und Netzwerkarbeit in Bildung, Beratung und Management in soziokulturellen Bereichen GmbH.

The project "Development of key competences in vocational education and training" is an initiative focused on supporting vocational education through the development of key competences of vocational school students in the field of entrepreneurship.

The main goals are:

  • Better mastery of high-level core and cross-cutting essential competences in a lifelong learning perspective, in formal and non-formal education, early childhood education and care, through school education, youth initiatives, higher education, vocational education and training up to adult education.
  • Further strengthen key competences in vocational education and training programs and provide better opportunities to acquire or develop these skills through I-VET and C-VET

The main issue of the project is the search for ways and methods of integrating activities aimed at strengthening and developing entrepreneurship of young people in the processes of training formal vocational education institutions at various levels. Therefore, as part of the project activities, it is planned to develop optimal tools to support young people in discovering their own passions and life goals, and to shape the belief that it is worth building an individual personal and professional development path on them, and in particular the role of institutional and personal networks supporting schools should be analyzed. professional in local and regional social and economic contexts, as well as the ability to control the processes of organizing support for young people's self-employment activities by formal vocational training institutions.

Therefore, the following works will be developed under the project:

  • Entrepreneurship program for vocational school students.
  • Detailed entrepreneurship activity programs for vocational school students.
  • Coaching model for young people choosing the path of vocational education.
  • Training program for teachers / vocational education experts on the implementation of entrepreneurship and coaching programs.


The project was carried out between 1.09.2016-31.08.2019