Knowledge, skills and attitudes that will help learners to realize themselves and, later in life, to find a job and participate in society. The project focused on ENTREPRENEURSHIP, which is one such competence in addition to communication skills in the mother tongue, foreign language skills, digital competences, reading and writing skills, basic mathematical and science-natural skills, as well as learning skills, social responsibility and civic, cultural awareness and creativity.


It includes the ability to identify available opportunities for personal, professional or business activities, including broader issues constituting the context of people's work and life, such as a general understanding of the principles of the economy, as well as opportunities and challenges for employers and organizations. Individuals should also be aware of ethical issues related to enterprises and how they can bring about positive change, e.g. through fair trade or social ventures.


They refer to proactive project management (which includes e.g. planning, organizing, managing, managing and commissioning tasks, analyzing, communicating, preparing reports, evaluation and reporting), effective representation and negotiation, and the ability of both individual work and teamwork. It is necessary to be able to assess and identify your own strengths and weaknesses, as well as assess risk and take it in justified cases.


It is characterized by initiative, activity, independence and innovation in both personal and social life, as well as at work. It also includes motivation and determination towards achieving goals, whether personal or shared, both private and at work.